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Our home wireless broadband service provides you 12 megabits download speeds and 1 megabit upload speed.

The service uses the Optus 4G network with coverage in 98.5% of Australia it means that broadband is now practically available anywhere in Australia.

No Contracts

All plans are month to month with not lock in contracts

Broadband Speed in Remote Areas

Suitable for use in remote areas or areas with poor internet speeds.

Local Australian Support

Get prompt answers from our friendly Australian representatives

Online Dashboard

Track your usage via our online dashboard

Monthly Plans

Home Wireless Broadband 200


  • 200 GBMonthly Data Allowance
    Cost per GB - $ 0.30
  • $11.00 per gigabyteExcess Data
  • Setup fee includes Netcom AC1901 Modem/Router

Setup fee - $229.00
Minimum term - 1 Month
Total minimum Cost - $288.00

Important Information

URL Home Wireless Broadband Coverage

URL Home Wireless Broadband uses the Optus Mobile Network which covers 98.5% of the Australian population. Use the interactive tool below to check your coverage.
Check your Area for Coverage